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Check us out here and buy a song or ten.

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to listen to your favorites from past shows!

UMD generics

Come to our concert October 22nd at 7PM in The Memorial Chapel!

We are the University of Maryland's one and only all-male a cappella group. With our vocal prowess and superior showmanship, we have been astounding audiences and entertaining the masses since the first generics established the group in 1987. We have an ever-changing set (averaging 8 to 10 new songs per semester) consisting of beloved oldies and popular modern hits. So come to a show or check out our media if you want to see what we're all about. Whether you're an a cappella fan or a normal person, the UMD generics can guarantee that you'll love what we have to offer.


We would love to come sing for you or with you, and we'd also love if you'd come and sing with us! Just e-mail our business manager for details.


To see our upcoming performances, check out the shows page. Oh, and stop by the members page - we're all pretty attractive...